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Incredibly unique cuts of Black & White Ebony with virtually no black patterning, displaying warm blonde colouration with some gray grain detail, the 26mm pair has a fun matchbook black dot. 

We have a small amount of this material available for custom orders.

Wearing Specifications

8mm Pair - 10mm wearable length with 1mm flares.

13mm pair - 10mm wearable length with 1/1.2mm flares.

16mm pair - 11mm wearable length with 1.5mm flares.

22mm pair - 12mm wearable length with 1.5mm flares.

26mm pair - 13mm wearable length with 1.5mm flares.



All our wood jewellery is handmade and may vary in size +/- 0.2mm to 0.5mm

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