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Our Story

About Us

Southshore Adornments is inspired by classic forms & modern design, natural & man-made materials and our ability to bring traditional & contemporary body jewellery to life. Whilst also delivering to a discerning global custom base

The Makers Story

Andy is a self-taught carver and jeweller. Inspiration stuck him at 18 years old when he began making his first ever pair of wood ear plugs, following his disappointment with the quality & range available from other shops.
This then started a stream of making more plugs with a variety of materials. What started out as a fun project, soon grew into a well-known and respected business which is now over a decade old.
From cold winters to hot summers, in a concrete garage in Brighton, we moved to our new dedicated unit in a converted historic match factory in Gloucester. Andy has been creating for the last 15 years. He understands the intricacies of his craft to the highest degree and is inspired by the wider community.
Andy has a love for the age-old industry and expresses his traditional working mindset into each handmade piece. Andy takes pride in every piece he makes

How is our Body Jewellery Made

Every piece of body jewellery made by SouthShore Adornments is handmade in England. Each individual item is quality assured and made with both precision and care. As the pieces are handmade, each item can be tailor made to your specific requirements. As well as all the pieces you can see on the website, we can make customer orders, so please feel free to discuss with us!

We do not use adhesives. Which means no cut corners! We use only traditional setting with in-house fabricated sterling silver, gold, copper, or brass hardware. Which helps us to create clean and long-lasting adornments.
Did you know we were the first UK based company to introduce hardware setting and eliminate the use of all adhesives? That’s right! We were and still are at the forefront of body jewellery manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

The Materials We Use
We use a huge range of materials, including Exotic and Native Hardwoods, Delrin & PTFE, Horn, Bone, Tusk, Stone, Base & Precious Metals.

Wood is responsibly & ethically sourced from around the world. The wood we use is cut and processed by British and EU suppliers under strict timber regulations.

Metals are lead and cadmium free. Our Gold and Silver is recycled "eco" metals sourced directly from the refiner. The Brass, Copper & Bronze are sourced from the best British and Italian suppliers. 

Polishes we use are animal derivative free. All our organic jewellery is finished with Carnauba wax, a vegetable based, hard wearing, vegan friendly wax. Our polishing wheels are animal fibre free, and we even go the extra step and ensure wheels used on animal products are kept separately from non-animal products.

Animal Products are all sourced as animal by-products. No animal is killed for its horns or tusks within our jewellery. 


Our Ethos

We create perfect jewellery pieces with pride and care, taking into consideration the environment and the body jewellery community.
The impact of our jewellery making is ethical & responsible and is always completed with respect for the materials used.
We pride ourselves in our love, for making quality jewellery.