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Oval Labret plugs for stretched lip piercings with a Threaded Cap front, for times when you need some support from the front, but hate the look, or feel of O-rings.

All our oval Lip Plugs will be made with an 11mm wearable and a concave T back with 4mm wings. If you require any changes to this, please leave a note in the comments box before ordering.

We size our oval plugs by circumference, so they will have the same circumference as a round plug, order with confidence that your oval will fit. 

To measure your oval to a round size equivalent, wrap a narrow strip of paper around your piece, mark where it overlaps the end, lay the strip out and measure between the marks in millimetres. This is the circumference, then divide that number by 3.14, (Pi) this will tell you the size of your plug. 

We strongly recommend you correctly measure your oval labret plug by circumference as explained to avoid miss-ordering an incorrect size, we will not replace pieces if you have failed to measure your current piece correctly.

All our PTFE & Delrin jewellery is handmade and as such, may vary in size by +/- 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

Unsure how to measure your jewellery? Check our handy guide

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