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Limited run of double flare plugs carved in Desert Ironwood an incredibly hard and valuable wood from Arizona.

Colours and tones range from deep rich off black, to a dark brown, all with a 'snakeskin' like grain pattern and tone variations, sapwood is bright yellow.

As this collection is unique, those photographed are the ones you will receive.

9mm (00g) - 10mm wearable length, 1mm flares.
12.7mm (1/2") - 10mm wearable length, 1mm flares.
16mm (5/8") - 10.5mm wearable length, 1mm flares.
22mm (7/8") - 11.5mm wearable length, 1.5mm flares.
26mm (1") - 13mm wearable length, 1.5mm flares. 

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