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The newest addition to our growing options of inlay labret plugs, these plugs feature a unique mixed metal laminate of silver and copper. Known as Mokume-Gane, a Japanese process of layering metals, often differing colours and manipulating a billet in such a way to produce a range of distinctive regular or irregular patterns. Mokume-Gane loosely translates to "wood grain metal" and as such, we have used a random irregular pattern material. 

As Mokume-gane is handmade and unique in it's nature, patterns will vary wildly and each piece will be individual and vary slightly, the piece displayed will give you a good example of the kind of appearance to expect. For reference, the plug photographed is 12mm in size.

We apply a light patina to the metal to slightly darken the copper, helping to produce a vivid contrast.

Unless otherwise requested, as standard these will be made with an 11mm wearable length, 4mm wings with a gentle concave backing.

All our PTFE & Delrin jewellery is handmade and as such, may vary in size by +/- 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

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