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Desert Ironwood Plugs

Limited run of double flare plugs carved in Desert Ironwood an incredibly hard and valuable wood from Arizona.

Colours and tones range from deep rich off black, to a dark brown, all with a 'snakeskin' like grain pattern and tone variations, sapwood is bright yellow.

As this collection is unique, those photographed are the ones you will receive.

9mm (00g) - 10mm wearable length, 1mm flares.
12.7mm (1/2") - 10mm wearable length, 1mm flares.
16mm (5/8") - 10.5mm wearable length, 1mm flares.
22mm (7/8") - 11.5mm wearable length, 1.5mm flares.
26mm (1") - 13mm wearable length, 1.5mm flares.