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Jewellery specification & sizing

Unless otherwise requested we will make your jewellery to our standard in house specifications.
These work for many people but it's important to know what you need and request it. We don't charge an extra penny for tailoring on wearable length, flare style and flare size, so please request what you require! That is the advantage of custom made to order jewellery.

All our organic jewellery is made from premium materials that are legally, ethically sourced, imported and meet the Forestry commission's standards and regulations as well as withing regulations laid out by CITES by trusted suppliers primary based within the united kingdom.
We purchase our materials from a small number of trusted suppliers in relative small quantities, this allows us to control the quality of materials but also ensures that everything we use is above board and correctly collected.

All our organic jewellery is finished with natural carnauba wax, this is hard wearing, safe for skin contact and vegan friendly.
We also use separate polishing wheels for wood/vegan friendly jewellery and for jewellery containing animal products, these are animal fibre free and stored separately.      

How your jewellery is measured.
The Wearable length is measured between the inside edge of one flare to the inside of the other, or with single flare, from the inside edge of the flare to around 2 millimetres from the edge This allows the comfortable use of O-rings and still have the wearable length required. 

Our double flare jewellery will be made with 1mm - 1.5mm flares depending on the diameter/gauge of the piece.

Single flare jewellery will be made with a 2mm to 3mm front flare. with a rounded back without an O ring groove unless one is specifically requested.
Our standard wearable length for lobe jewellery varies from 10mm to 13mm (1/2") depending on the diameter/gauge. 

Labret jewellery wearable length is measured from the inside corner of the wings to the front edge of the plug. If you wish to use an O-ring with your labret jewellery, please request a slightly longer wearable than your usual.

Our labret jewellery depending on the size will have varying backing styles including round, oval and T back depending on diameter/gauge.

2mm - 4mm will have round backs.

4.5mm - 6mm will have oval backs with a slight concave.

6mm+ will have concave T backs with 4mm long wings.

Philtrum plugs have a round back throughout.
Labret/Philtrum jewellery has a standard wearable of 12mm 

If you require ANY different specification please leave a note while ordering, we can almost always accommodate your requests, and we WONT charge you an extra penny for this. 

Because our jewellery is made by a process of removal by hand exact sizes may vary by +/- .5mm.

We make and sell all our jewellery in millimetres. While the metric system may be confusing for some we find it more accurate than the gauge system designed for electrical wire and easier to understand than fractional Inches.

Unlike some of the common sizes in these systems, there is complete standardisation using metric (for example, "00gauge" is in fact 9.2mm, but often made to 9mm, 9.5mm or 10mm) and there are no large jumps between common sizes.

To help you, we have put together a small chart of more common sizes in millimeters and their gauge, and factional inch conversion    

1.5mm - 14g
2.0mm - 12g
2.5mm - 10g
3.0mm - 8g
4.0mm - 6g
5.0mm - 4g
6.5mm - 2g
7.0mm - 1g
8.0mm - 0g
9.0mm - 00g
9.5mm - 3/8”
11mm - 7/16”
13mm - 1/2”
14mm - 9/16”
16mm - 5/8”
18mm - 11/16”
19mm - 3/4”
21mm - 13/16”
22mm - 7/8”
24mm - 15/16”
26mm - 1”
27mm - 1 1/16”
29mm - 1 1/8”
30mm - 1 3/16”
32mm - 1 1/4”
33mm - 1 5/16”
35mm - 1 3/8”
37mm - 1 7/16”
38mm - 1 1/2”
40mm - 1 9/16”
41mm - 1 5/8”
43mm - 1 11/16”
44mm - 1 3/4”
46mm - 1 13/16”
48mm - 1 7/8”
49mm - 1 15/16”
51mm - 2”
52mm - 2 1/16”
54mm - 2 1/8”
56mm - 2 3/16”
57mm - 2 1/4”
59mm - 2 5/16”
60mm - 2 3/8”
62mm - 2 7/16”
64mm - 2 1/2”
65mm - 2 9/16”
67mm - 2 5/8”
68mm - 2 11/16”
70mm - 2 3/4”
71mm - 2 13/16”
73mm - 2 7/8”
75mm - 2 15/16”
76mm - 3”