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care for your jewellery

Proper care of your Jewellery should result in years of enjoyment and wear, we recommend the following steps.

Organic materials vary piece to piece. The colour of your jewellery may darken over time, this is totally normal and unavoidable. Enjoy your jewellery as it changes with you.

Please do not get your jewellery wet, remove during bathing, showering, swimming, going into a sauna and the like and be sure to cover and shield as much as possible on horrible rainy days.

We highly recommend lightly oiling with clear refined Jojoba oil or Vitamin E oil before inserting and wearing your organic jewellery. Every now and again if your organic jewellerybeing stored lightly oil every 5-7 weeks or so, not much and not often is the rule of thumb. Please do not store organic jewellery in direct sunlight, best to tuck jewellery safely away in a jewellery box or similar, this will protect all your jewellery from dust, anything being dropped onto piece or accidentally damaged by little hands or paws.   

Clean Organic jewellery with a small amount of oil and rubbing with a clean cloth (A clean T-shirt will work fine) removing any excess oil after.

Organic jewellery is porous and should never be worn in healing, irritated or recently stretched piercings. Please do not stretch with organic Body Jewellery.

Jewellery made of, or containing elements of silver, bronze, brass or copper should be kept clear of oils, water and cosmetics such as hairspray or perfume/deodorant. cleaning with a soft dry cloth or fine polishing cloth is all that is necessary if acceptable. Wearing or polishing patina-ed pieces may remove the oxidation. we do not use any lacquer or sealer on our metal jewellery or components, without continued upkeep expect some oxidization, but like organics, we hope you embrace your jewellery changing with you.   

While every effort is made to only select and use the safest materials for the majority of people, some may display a reaction, If you feel any irritation, warmth or develop a rash on your Ear, Neck or Cheek remove your jewellery and consult a medical professional if symptoms continue.

All jewellery is worn at your own risk, Southshore Adornments can not be held liable for any reaction or irritation from the wearing of our body jewellery, damage caused by incorrect or lack of aftercare applied to your jewellery or damage from accidents Love and care your jewellery and you should give years, if not a lifetime of wearability and enjoyment.