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Delrin Teardrop Philtrum Plug - Hammered Brass Inlay

our ever popular teardrop shaped plugs for stretched Philtrum piercings, but now with a hammered brass inlay. 

We recommend these for well-healed piercings, we carve these with a very slight convex front, with a slightly tapered wearable to reduce pressure on the inside of the mouth, unless requested otherwise these will be made with an 11mm wearable length and an oval-shaped backing with a slight concave, and wings about 3mm wide at the sides, larger sizes will feature a "T" shaped backing.

Currently available in lead-free brass, we hope to add other metals and finishes to our line soon, in the meantime, if you wish to discuss a custom order with a different metal or finish, please contact us 

We size our teardrop plugs by circumference, so they will have the same circumference as a round plug, order with confidence that your plug will fit. 

To measure by circumference, wrap a narrow strip of paper around your plug, mark where it overlaps the end, lay the strip out and measure between the marks in millimetres. This is the circumference, then divide that number by 3.14, (Pi) this will tell you the size of your plug. 

We strongly recommend you correctly measure your non-round plugs by circumference as explained to avoid miss-ordering an incorrect size, we will not replace pieces if you have failed to measure your current piece correctly.

All our PTFE & Delrin jewellery is handmade and as such, may vary in size by +/- 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

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