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Delrin Round Labret Plug - Sterling Silver Cap

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Our solution to the demand for silver toned Labret Plugs, without large expense, constant oxidation or metallic taste in your mouth from a silver piece

Taking our comfortable lightweight Delrin Labret plugs and capping them with a hardware set solid piece of 2mm thick sterling silver allows us to offer what we feel will be the best option to achieve the aesthetic often so desirable.

The wearable length of these pieces will be measured from the corner of the wing to the join with the silver and will not include the silver cap. with the intention that the silver cap sit out front of your piercing rather than within the fistula.   

nless requested otherwise, plugs will be made with an 11mm wearable length,(plus the 2mm thickness of the silver) back styles vary with size. Round backs up to 4mm, oval backings with a soft concave to 6mm and concave T-backs 7mm and over with a wing size of 4mm as standard. 

All our PTFE & Delrin jewellery is handmade and as such, may vary in size by +/- 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

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