Ebony - Silver Basalt column | 26mm (1")

Unique pair inspired by breath-taking scenes, most famously is the Giant's causeway of Northern Ireland, Columnar jointed volcanic rocks exist the world over, and even on Mars!

Cast in solid sterling silver, lightly patina-ed and textured, our inlays closely mimic this natural phenomena as close as possible, a truly unique undertaking for body jewellery.

Encircled with Gabon Ebony plugs, keeping things simple with a tasteful straight concave front to draw attention to the hefty inlays without distraction.

Finished with vegan friendly carnauba wax and assembled with solid hardware, these are not only built to last but are also adhesive free, like all our inlay jewellery.

This is a unique pair, the set photographed is the one you'll receive, and they have a 12mm wearable and 1mm flare size