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Inspired by the traditional Korean decorative artwork that adorns antique Royal Palaces, Sacred Temples, and the contrast with new tower blocks the surround them.  

In recent years, I have made two trips to South Korea and have enjoyed the immense amount of work that has been put into the restoration of Palaces and Temples, and indeed the vast amount of construction all around Seoul since the war. 

While I originally was not fond of the large, tall, square and so often bland office blocks, shopping malls and apartments that have been built so close to these historic Korean sights, I eventually grew to enjoy the contrast, the necessity of the new is understanding but fails to overshadow the peacefulness that creates a moment of serenity within a bustling city, no matter how tall or how close.      

Cast in the UK, in Lead free yellow bronze, these have an attractive finish with blackened corners and polished highlights. 

The minimum insertion size for these is 10mm they are 89 grams in weight and measure 62mm x 56mm x 6mm. We designed these to be worn easily through Eyelets, although we cannot say for curtain what minimum size are required for this, we estimate this to be around 1/2" - 13mm, the width of the semi-curricular wearable is 14.5mm.

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