Orders will be delayed while I recover from eye surgery. Click for more information.

Order Delay Information

On May 31st I will have eye surgery.

I will have an extended period away to heal, as I cannot risk getting anything in my eye from making making jewellery.

If all goes well I expect to return to being able to send out in stock jewellery (glass, some weights, yard sale items as well as small batch items) after the first week.

Assuming recovery goes well I expect to return to making MTO orders after the end of the second week of healing. I would expect this to be slower than usual while I adjust to my new depth perception.

Please do continue to place orders to secure your spot in our queue and subscribe to our newsletter and follow on Instagram for flash sales I'll hold while away from the workshop, you support is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about your order please do email me and I'll be happy to assist.