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About Us

At Southshore Adornments our aim is to make you as enthusiastic about your body jewellery as we are about making it. To connect you with fantastic, well made, classy and original Body Jewellery. 

Showing respect for the history of body modification, the materials we use and most importantly you, our focus is a quality product and customer satisfaction. We create almost everything to order so we can often completely tailor the fit of your jewellery just for you. We can also design and build truly custom jewellery just for you so if you have an idea, just talk to us!

All our jewellery is made from suitable and reliable materials. Our woods are legally and ethically cut, processed and imported from European and British suppliers. Our animal products are by-products meaning no animals are slaughtered for their horns, bones or tusks.

All of our Organic materials are ethical and legal to trade and do not infringe on any CITES appendix in regards to the import and export of raw materials or finished materials.
All our woods are sourced from UK and European suppliers, meaning they follow strict EU timber regulations. When you buy wood body jewellery from us, you can be assured all raw materials have been legally and ethically sourced.  

All of our organic jewellery is hand finished with carnauba wax, a vegetable based, hard wearing and vegan friendly wax. Our polishing wheels are animal fibre free, we even keep separate wheels for polishing animal products.

We do not use any adhesives in our jewellery (we're not lazy, no short cuts here) utilizing traditional jewellery settings in combination with in-house fabricated sterling silver, copper or bronze hardware for better made, cleaner looking, longer lasting adornments.
We were the first UK based company to introduce hardware settings and eliminate the use of all adhesives and we are still at the forefront of body jewellery manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

All our metals are Lead and Cadmium free, and all our metal polishes are animal-fat free.

If you cannot find your size or style, or would be interested in a custom project, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'll find a way to make it happen.

Thanks for your interest.

Stay Awesome
Southshore Adornments