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Delrin Round Labret Plug - 14g Threaded Insert

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Have spare threaded attachments? stretched your lip piercing and want to be able to keep wearing smaller gauge ends? We got you covered. 

Large gauge labret plugs with a 14g implant grade titanium threaded insert are finally available made to order, however, please note we are limited on options for wearable length, please select from the options or contact us if you need something not listed.  

Unless requested otherwise plugs will be made with a concave T-backing with a wing size of 4mm as standard. All plugs will have a slight concave front, this is to allow flat back threaded ends to sit flush against the plug, counter-sunk ends may not fully thread into the insert and are not recommended for use.

Need something else? Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Please note threaded insert is not permanently attached although created for a snug fit, we do not recommend the removal of the insert.