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Moose Antler Plugs

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Carved from American Moose Antler, this limited run of plugs makes use of the dense and heavy Burr, the section of antler that joins the skull and display a monotone effect of off-white and darker grey areas. In time, the darker inner trabecular core of the antler may 'fuzz' up, this can be easily remedied with very fine abrasive paper.  

Antlers naturally shed yearly, and we only make use of this material, no Moose have been killed to obtain this material.

As this is a limited run the plugs pictured and the ones available.
20mm (13/16") - 11mm Wearable Length, 1mm Flares.
24mm (15/16") - 11mm Wearable Length - 1.5mm Flares
32mm (1-1/4") - 13mm Wearable Length - 1.5mm Flares