Two-Tone Bloodwood Eyelets

Unique short run of Eyelets carved from Two-tone Bloodwood (Brosimum rubescens)

These pieces are carved to display roughly half and half of the deep red heartwood and the dark yellow sapwood. We created as many pairs as possible and we do not have anymore of this material, what is photographed is all we have, don't wait if you would like a pair.

Specifications of the Eyelets are;

26mm - 1" - Wearing length - 12mm, Flare size - 1mm.
22mm - 7/8" - Wearing length - 11mm, Flare size - 1mm.
16mm - 5/8" - Wearing length - 9.5mm, Flare size - 1mm.
13mm - 1/2" - Wearing length - 9mm, Flare size - .8mm
10mm - Wearing length - 9mm, Flare size - .8mm