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Lignum Vitae Plugs | Unique Patterning

These two pairs of plugs are carved from a fantastic cut of Lignum Vitae, comprised of almost all sapwood but featuring just a splodge of heartwood pith and displaying subtle but curious growth rings with very faint green colouration. 

We recently came into a source of material stocks from a wooden mallet maker, Lignum Vitae being a very popular wood for this use, while the opportunity to utilize material often cast aside by "purist" wood workers who often seek materials only comprised of heartwood was enjoyable enough, discovering this piece with such a unique cross section we had to have and the two pairs seen are the result, we have no more of this material featuring any heartwood pith, we do have more Lignum vitae sapwood for custom projects.  

Specification of the pieces are as follows;

Gauge/Size - 51mm - 2"
Wearable length - 13mm - 1/2"
Flare size - 2mm

Gauge/Size - 38mm - 1-1/2"
Wearable length - 13mm - 1/2"
Flare size - 2mm

What is sapwood?
Sapwood is the youngest part of a tree forming first as the tree grows, this is sandwiched between the outer Bark and inner Heartwood. It's primary task is to conduct water up from the roots up to the leaves for photosynthesis and to store and distribute fluids as of when required, in time a spontaneous chemical reaction occurs to produce a more resistant to decay section of timber, this is known as Heartwood. Despite the name, Heartwood plays no vital role in the tree's life cycle.
n the early stages of transformation some small voids can be found, this is present in these pieces, but more prevalent in the 38mm pair, these are not cracks nor defects but a natural side effect of rapid growth and quite stable. please keep this in mind when ordering.